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Ugh, I’m sorry for my voice… Also for the bad quality; I recorded it directly to my computer, and I don’t know how to work recording software.  And also for the fact that because I’m a dude, it probably sounds weird…

But anyways, I wrote some lyrics for the Fire!Elsa AU!  My headcanon is that Elsa’s a lot more scared of her powers, to where she doesn’t feel trapped by them, but that she’s too weak and afraid to use them.  (Not to mention that she burned Anna’s head as a child…)


The flame burns bright on the mountain tonight
And the sparks fly in between
A kingdom of desolation
And it looks like I’m the queen
The ashes dying like this burning rage inside
The loss of love, the loss of life

Don’t let it hurt, don’t make them cry
Control yourself or else the flames will die
Extinguish all your faults in turn
When will you learn?

Let it burn, let it burn
There’s no longer anyone to hurt
Let it burn, let it burn
The old life that I spurned
I don’t need, what I’ve thrown away
Let the fire rage on
The flames never scarred me anyway

It’s funny how some courage
Makes everything seem gray
In the glow of my own power
I can bring in a new day

It’s time to see what I can make
The future’s trembling in my wake
No one can stop the coming dawn
I’m strong

Let it burn, let it burn
My flames will scorch the sky
Let it burn, let it burn
These flames will never die
I will stand, and I won’t run away!
Let the storm rage on…

My power quakes the earth
And bursts forth from the ground
My heart is burning
As the fire roars its cracking sound
And as the smoke clears I can see my path is set
I will win my own world now; go on and place your bets!

Let it burn! Let it burn.
I will call out the phoenix song
Let it burn, let it burn!
That Frozen girl is gone!
In the light, a new life awaits!
Let the fire rage on
The flames never scarred me anyway.




A FireElsa (AU) rewrite of “Let it Go”. This version of the song doesn’t turn Elsa into a villain. She remains true to herself and harnesses her powers of fire and heat to create beautiful things (fireworks, sandy beaches, glass, etc.) just as she does with snow and ice in the original story.

Sung by me. (

Lyrics by Alan. (

Lyric editing by Shea. (